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Dear our beloved customers.

We have migrated from our old site to a new one. Due to security and privacy reasons, we did not transfer your physical address and password to this new website. So if you are an existing user from it's not necessary to register again. Please just "RESET" your password to regain access to your account. We also have transferred the reward point and added the extra point as a reward to our loyal customers.

This site is fairly new and even after review by our technician there's might still be human error. If you find such, error, report it back to us, and we will reward you with points that can be used for a discount for your purchase later on.  Please report it to us at the Contact Us page.

We have implemented a new privacy policy, terms, and conditions, returns, and refund policy and terms. We also use cookies to improve the customer experience. So please take your time to read it, and make sure you understand it before proceeding to make any transaction with us and surfing our website. New products will be added from time to time. So please check periodically to check for our new product update.

Thanks for your cooperation and we hope to serve you better with this new site.